ATS has been providing high quality, process-based software products/solutions for more than a year with core service offerings centered around:


• Custom Application Development and Enhancements

• Maintenance, Testing and Support Services for Applications, Systems and Software

• Customization, Implementation and Migration or Packaged Software

ATS offers flexible customer-centric software services, ROI-based business solutions, value-based technology and strategy consulting with the goal of lowering the total cost of ownership for IT Initiatives and operations.

ATS offers deeps domain expertise in the three key verticals Telecom, Banking and Insurance as well as Manufacturing and Distribution. ATS is the preferred solution provider for companies looking for a more efficient, cost-effective approach making use of specially formed offshore technical support and development teams.

Apart from consulting, training and placement, ATS is a product based company which is trying to deliver highly maintained enterprise application which serves Telecommunication partners to provide services to small businesses entitled to it.

Enterprise Cloud Services


ATS offers cutting edge technology for virtualizing your infrastructure, improving your return on assets, and transforming your IT service delivery into a dynamic and open approach capable to stay on track of changing business needs. Combing our services with your expertise and business knowledge will create an unmatched partnership that will result in a more advanced IT environment.

Infrastructure as a Service


Utilizing the Saas model business units can achieve speed to value that may not be possible with a traditional IT approach. Limited technical resources and requests for capital hinder business agility and responsiveness that organizations require to keep pace with technology and customer demands. Adoption of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) completes the transition through partnering with a reliable business partner to fully manage the IT environment including computing facilities, technical hardware, network environment, security, and applications.